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National Conference of Plant Physiology - 2023

About NCPP-2023

The Indian Society for Plant Physiology (ISPP) is pleased to invite all scientists, academicians, young researchers, and students from all over India to attend National Conference of Plant Physiology-2023 during December 9-11, 2023 at ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi.

Food security in India is threatened by high rate of population growth, declining per capita arable land and water scarcity. To meet the demand of growing population, agricultural production must be increased from the shrinking natural resources and unfavourable climatic conditions. Therefore, it is imperative to develop genotypes andproduction technologies capable of enhancing both productivity and quality under current climate change scenario. The potential yield of important crops has reached a plateau, whereas, for other crops there have not been significant gains in yield. For realizing a quantum jump in yield potential, the possibilities of breaking the yield barriers must be explored under both biotic and abiotic stresses. There is also a need to prevent enormous post-harvest losses in food grains, fruits, and vegetables, through genetic improvement and developing new post-harvest technologies.

This conference would bring together, a multi-disciplinary group of scientists from across the country to present and exchange break-through ideas and research collaborations related to agriculture and plant sciences. The conference would promote top level research to enhance productivity and quality of agriculture products. In addition to scientific presentations, and discussions, the conference will also offer aplatform for renewing professional relationships, networking and for remaining up-to-date variations in our challenging and expanding discipline.This meeting would provide a platform for young researchers/scientists to highlight their research ideas in the form of posters or oral presentations.




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